21 November 2017

Philippine Navy to have Missile System by Christmas

21 November 2017

Spike ER missile for MPAC (photo : Update)

If everything goes as planned, the Philippine Navy (PN) will be mounting its first-ever missile system on three brand-new multi-purpose attack craft (MPAC) this Christmas season. This was confirmed Monday by PN flag-officer-in-command, Vice Admiral Ronald Joseph Mercado, when asked on the delivery and mounting of the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd’s Spike ER (extended range) missile systems on its three MPACs.

The weapons are on anti-ship mode or can engage surface vessel targets. It is capable of penetrating 1,000 mm (39 inches) of rolled homogeneous armor and has a maximum range of five miles.

“A pre-delivery inspection is already scheduled. Then an Air Force plane (from the Philippines) will go Israel to transport the missiles to the Philippines, all expenses paid by the proponent,” Mercado said.

Tentative delivery and fitting out date is within December, the PN chief added.

The three MPACs, with hull number BA-488, BA-489, and BA-490, were activated last May 22.

These MPACs are the Mark III models and considerably more advanced that the six Mark I and IIs currently in the Navy inventory that was constructed by Subic Bay-based Propmech Corporation.

Contract for the three ships is worth PHP270 million which was sourced from the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Act Trust Fund of 2000. The contract for the weapons system and missiles is worth PHP594,319,550.


Second Air Warfare Destroyer Enters Sea Trials

21 November 2017

HMAS Brisbane (photo : Aus DoD)

The Australian Defence Force’s second Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD), NUSHIP Brisbane, has commenced its first phase of sea trials, which will test the ship’s hull, propulsion and navigation systems.

The initial trial phase, which will occur over the coming months, will be followed by a more advanced phase of sea trials next year to test the ship’s combat and communications systems.

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, said this achievement is a further demonstration of industry’s role as a fundamental input into capability for Defence.

“Over the past decade, more than 5000 people from across the Department of Defence, ASC, Raytheon Australia and Navantia have dedicated millions of hours of effort to the AWD program,” Minister Pyne said.

“With more than 60 per cent Australian industry capability, the AWD program is a true example of a home-grown capability.

“Through the AWD program, we have created a local workforce with specialist shipbuilding and complex systems integration skills that will form the foundation for future shipbuilding projects in Australia.”

The start of Brisbane’s sea trials phase follows the commissioning of HMAS Hobart earlier this year, with both events reinforcing the success of the Government-led reform, an initiative that set the AWD program on track to meet cost and schedule targets.

“As part of the AWD reform initiative, the Commonwealth worked directly alongside industry to remediate the program,” Minister Pyne said.

“This resulted in an injection of Commonwealth expertise and shipbuilding management from Navantia, as well as project management oversight and de-risking activities from Raytheon Australia.

“Working together with ASC’s quality shipbuilding workforce, this new structure has put the AWD program on a path to long-term success.”

(Aus DoD)

TNI Pesan 22 Speedboat Buatan Lamongan

21 November 2017

Speedboat buatan Lamongan, Jawa Timur (photo : Detik)

Wow... TNI Pesan 22 Speedboat Made In Warga Pesisir Paciran

Lamongan - Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI) memesan 22 speedboat di Paciran, Lamongan. Bahkan, sejumlah personel dari Mabes TNI juga sudah menjajal speedboat tersebut.

Informasi yang dihimpun menyebutkan, pembuatan speedboat ini dilakukan oleh PT Luckon Arthaka Nusantara (PATRIOT BOAT) yang bekerjasama dengan PT Tri Ratna Diesel Indonesia yang berada di Desa Tunggul, Kecamatan Paciran, sedang mengerjakan 22 speedboat pesanan dari Mabes TNI. Saat ini, 22 speedboat selesai pengerjaannya. 

Komandan Koramil Paciran, Kap. Arh. Suherman membenarkan Mabes TNI memesan 22 speedboat di Lamongan. Tim Mabes TNI, terang Herman, juga sudah meninjau progres pengerjaan speedboat tersebut di Galangan Kapal Santosa Marine (Agrindo). 

"Ya memang telah dilaksanakan kunjungan tim Mabes TNI dalam rangka uji coba speedboat pesanan Mabes TNI dipimpin oleh Kepala Badan Pembekalan TNI, Brigjen Fabian Albert Embran dan karena ini acaranya BABEK TNI, jadi juga mengundang wairjen dan kadislaikad," kata Herman kepada wartawan, Kamis (16/11/2017).

Herman mengatakan, saat meninjau pengerjaan speedboat, rombongan dari Mabes TNI beserta sekitar 20 orang juga melakukan uji coba kepada 22 unit speedboat tersebut di perairan Pantai Paciran. 

"22 Speedboat yang diujicoba karena sudah selesai pengerjaannya," ungkap Herman.

Dia mengungkapkan, selain Kepala Badan Pembekalan TNI Brigjen Fabian Albert Embran dari Mabes TNI, sejumlah petinggi TNI lainnya juga turut hadir peninjauan pembuatan speedboat. Di antaranya adalah Wairjen TNI, Laksamana Muda Maheranto, Kepala Dinas Kelaikan Angkatan Darat Brigjen. Eko Erwanto dan Kolonel Armed Wiwin Sugiono.

20 November 2017

Five Ukraine Tanks on Way to Thailand

20 November 2017

T-84 MBT of Royal Thai Army (photo : RTA)

A new batch of five more tanks from Ukraine will be delivered late this month as the Royal Thai Army has so far received 31 of the Ukraine-made T84 Oplot tanks, according to an army source.

Ukraine was contracted to supply a battalion of 49 T84 Oplot tanks worth 7.2 billion baht in 2011 but was slow to press ahead with production and delivery due to security problems in the country. 

So far, 31 Ukrainian tanks have been sent to Thailand and the new batch of five tanks are now heading to Thailand by ship and are expected to reach the country by the end of this month, according to the source.

The final batch of the remaining 13 tanks have already been manufactured and Ukraine is now waiting for an army delegation to travel there to examine the tanks late this month. 

See full article Bangkok Post

Alpha Jets Commence Red Air Support for RAAF Training

20 November 2017

Air Affairs Learjet and DA Defence Alpha Jets in an air-to-air mission role as Red Air aggressors near RAAF Williamtown, New South Wales (photo : Air Affairs)

Air Affairs Australia and Discovery Air Defence Services Inc (Discovery Air - Defence) have completed their first fast jet training missions in support of the Australian Defence Force’s Fast Jet Trial contract.

Two of Discovery Air Defence’s upgraded Alpha Jets and four Air Affairs Learjets participated in air-to-air missions as Red Air aggressors near RAAF Williamtown, New South Wales.

“Air Affairs Australia is pleased to be working closely with Discovery Air Defence for the Fast Jet Trial. Both companies are proud to be selected for this initial Fast Jet trial Discovery Air Defence’s proven track record in contracted air services brings a complimentary solution to our current Jet Air Services contract. Our common commitment to the highest levels of safety and airworthiness will ensure the best training for the Australian Defence Force".

(Air Affairs)

The First Pictures of Two Myanmar Air Force Yak-130 Trainer Jets

20 November 2017

Yak-130 of the Myanmar Air Force (photo : Myanmar Defence Weapons)

The Facebook page Myanmar Defence Weapons posted the first photos of two Yak-130 training aircraft, obtained by the Myanmar Air Force from Russia.

The aircraft number are "1805" and "1806", which confirms the delivery of six Yak-130 vehicles to the Myanmar Air Force.

Earlier, on November 8, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia, Mikhail Petukhov stated  "Russia has delivered six Yakovlev Yak-130 combat training aircraft to Myanmar under the 2015 contract and expects to supply an additional batch in 2018".

The contract on the delivery of Yak-130 combat trainers to Myanmar was signed in 2015. The first three planes were delivered in 2016 and the other three in 2017.

The Yak-130 is a new-generation two-seat combat trainer jet designed for the flight personnel’s combat training and its combat employment in simple and harsh weather conditions against air and ground targets.

By its characteristics, the aircraft is close to the parameters of modern fighter jets with a subsonic speed of flight, which makes it possible to use the plane to train pilots for 4+ and 5 generation warplanes. The Yak-130 is easy in terms of its basing and can land on unequipped sites.

(Russian Aviarion)

18 November 2017

TNI AU Uji Dinamis Radar Pasif di Lanud Sulaiman

18 November 2017

Pengujian radar pasif TNI AU (photo : TNI AU)

Uji Dinamis Radar Pasif Tahun 2017 di Lanud Sulaiman

TNI AU. Litbang Kemenhan melaksanakan uji dinamis radar pasif tahun 2017 yang dilaksanakan di gedung balai Prajurit Cendrawasih Lanud Sulaiman, Margahayu, Bandung, Jum’at (17/11).

DR.Joko Suryana dari LAPI ITB memaparkan tentang penelitian  dan Pengembangan Radar Pasif : Demo Dinamis yang mengatakan bahwa radar pasif adalah memampuan mendeteksi  dan mengidentifikasi objek di sekitar lingkungan yang memanfaatkan gelombang elektromagnetik. 

“Radar pasif tidak memancarkan gelombang elektromagnetik  untuk melakukan fungsinya. Akan tetapi memanfaatkan gelombang elektromagnetik yang ada disekitar atau yang dipancarkan oleh objek itu sendiri, “ Jelas DR. Joko Suryana.

Dijelaskan pula fungsi-fungsi yang ada di radar pasif antara lain adalah PCL ( (Pasive Coherent Location) yang berfungsi untuk mendeteksi dan mengidentifikasi objek dengan memanfaatkan pantulan gelombang elektromagnetik yang ada di lingkungan sekitar. Selanjutnya adalah PET (Passive Emmiter Tracking) yang fungsinya untuk mendeteksi dan mengidentifikasi objek dengan memanfaatkan gelombang elektromagnetik yang dipancarkan oleh objek itu sendiri. Sedangkan IFF/ADS-B berfungsi mendeteksi dan mengidentifikasi objek di udara dengan memanfaatkan transmisi/pertukaran informasi IFF/ADS-B.

“Komponen utama radar pasif terdiri dari antenna system, Mast and Traier, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), dan Display. Keuntungan radar pasif adalah tidak perlu memancarkan sinyal sendiri (silent) untuk mendeteksi target. Selain itu, biaya lebih murah karena tidak memerlukan transmitter,” kata DR. Anne Kusmayati selaku Kabalitbang Kemenhan.

Pada kesempatan tersebut hadir pula Kepala Dinas Operasi Letkol Lek Imam Bintoro mewakili Komandan Lanud Sulaiman Kolonel Pnb Tyas Nur Adi, Ir. Budi Harja Raden (Ses balitbang) dan Bpk. Abdullah Sami (Kapuslibang Alpalhan). Acara tersebut diikuti pula para instruktur dan siswa yang sedang melaksanakan pendidikan di Lanud Sulaiman dengan kejuruan teknik radar.


Harris to Deliver Carriage & Release Systems for KAI KF-X

18 November 2017

BRU-57 smart rack (photo : Harris)

Harris was selected by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to provide carriage and release systems (proven, reliable single- and twin-store carriers) for the next-generation Korea Fighter-Experimental (KF-X) programme.

The KAI KF-X jet is a programme to develop an advanced multirole fighter for the Republic of Korea Air Force. "The KF-X aircraft represents a new strategic customer and fighter development platform for Harris in the Asian market," Ed Zoiss, President, Harris Electronic Systems, explained. "This selection reaffirms Harris’ position as the supplier of choice worldwide for proven, leading edge carriage and release solutions."

The BRU-47 single store carrier, known for its reliability and ease of maintenance, also reduces the time needed for loading stores using Harris’ patented sway-brace technology – which minimizes rack sway due to aircraft maneuvers and munition release. The BRU-46/A and BRU-47/A offer users significant benefits, including shorter store loading times and greatly reduced maintenance. As a result, users are able to rapidly rearm aircraft while reducing dependency on the logistics infrastructure. This is especially significant during high sortie rate missions. Harris patented swaybrace technology facilitates the loading of stores in blind or difficult access situations while eliminating the need to tighten individual screw jacks to precise torque values. Another patented feature is the hot gas filtration system that permits dozens of dirty pyrotechnic cartridge firings without having to clean any bomb rack components.The BRU-46/A and BRU-47/A are used on the United States Air Force (USAF) F-15E EAGLE and the F/A-22 RAPTOR. Additionally, the BRU-46/A (as part of the BRU-57 Smart Rack, see below) is employed on the F-16 FALCON. The BRU-46/A and BRU-47/A have earned an excellent reputation among operators and maintainers as a reliable, easily maintained state-of-the-art bomb rack unit.

BRU-47 single store carrier (photo : Harris)

The BRU-57 is a smart-weapon-enabled, twin store carrier that doubles the payload capacity of aircraft without modifying any hardware – providing for a wide array of payload configurations. The BRU-55/A smart rack doubles the number of MIL-STD-1760 smart weapons that can be carried on tactical strike aircraft, such as the F/A-18 C-F. This is accomplished with no modification to aircraft wiring. The electronic control assembly installed within the nose and tail fairings of the F/A-18’s Canted Vertical Ejector Rack (CVER) provides a class II 1760 interface to the aircraft and one 1760 class II interface to each of the two weapons carried on the CVER. Digital communications to the weapons on the BRU-55/A are passively coupled to the aircraft MIL-STD-1553 data bus thereby minimising updates to the aircraft Operational Flight Program (OFP).


17 November 2017

TNI AL Berhasil Uji Coba Senjata Strategis Rudal C-705 dan Torpedo SUT

17 November 2017

Penembakan rudal C-705 dari kapal cepat rudal kelas terkecil milik TNI AL (KCR-40) KRI Kujang 642 berhasil mengenai sasaran dengan sukses (all photos : TNI AL)

KBRN, Tanjungpinang : TNI Angkatan Laut berhasil melaksanakan uji coba penembakan senjata-senjata strategis yaitu penembakan Rudal C-705 dan Torpedo SUT di Perairan Laut Bali,  Jumat, (17/11/2017)

Penembakan Rudal C-705 berhasil diluncurkan dari KRI Kujang-642  Satuan Kapal Cepat Koarmabar (Satkat Koarmabar) dengan berhasil  mengenai tepat pada sasaran Ex KRI Karimata-960. Dilanjutkan dengan penembakan Torpedo SUT dari Kapal Selam KRI Nanggala-402 dari Satuan Kapal Selam (Satsel) Koarmatim, dimana tembakan kedua tersebut berhasil menenggelamkan sasaran. Kegiatan tersebut dilaksanakan dalam rangkaian Uji Coba Penembakan Rudal C-705 oleh KRI Kujang-642 dan KRI Clurit-641 serta Penembakan Torpedo SUT Kepala Perang oleh KRI Nanggala-402 di Laut Bali.

Ketiga KRI tersebut tergabung dalam Satuan Tugas Uji Coba Penembakan Rudal C-705 dan Torpedo SUT dimana sebagai Dansatgas Penembakan adalah Kolonel Laut (P)  I G.P. Alit Jaya, S.H., M. Si. yang sehari-harinya menjabat sebagai Komandan Satuan Kapal Cepat (Dansatkat) Koarmabar.

Kegiatan uji coba tersebut disaksikan langsung oleh Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut (Kasal) Laksamana TNI Ade Supandi, S. E., M. A. P.,  dengan didampingi oleh Asops Kasal, Aslog Kasal, Pangarmabar,  Pangarmatim serta Pangkolinlamil diatas geladak KRI Teluk Bintuni-520. 

Selanjutnya Kasal Laksmana Ade Supandi, S. E., M. A. P., menyampaikan rasa bangga kepada seluruh prajurit yang tergabung dal Satgas atas keberhasilannya dalam melaksanakan Ujicoba tersebut.  "Selamat atas keberhasilan penembakan Rudal C705 dan Torpedo SUT,  agar tampilan dan kemampuan yang ditunjukkan hari ini menjadi momentum untuk peningkatan performa kemampuan tempur prajurit TNI Angkatan Laut. Selamat untuk seluruh Prajurit yang tergabung dalam Satgas" ujar Kasal dalam pengarahannya selesai keberhasilan Satgas melaksanakan uji coba tersebut. 

Selain dalam rangka menguji kehandalan dan daya hancur kedua senjata tersebut juga menguji kemampuan integrasi peralatan sensor dan sistem kendali senjata yang baru CMS MSI-90U MK Kongsberg.  selain itu,  tujuan dari uji coba ini adalah terpeliharanya kemampuan tempur prajurit TNI AL serta meningkatkan profesionalisme prajurit KRI dalam melaksanakan tugas sebagai pengawak alutsista TNI Angkatan Laut.

Sebelum penembakan,  Satgas telah melaksanakan persiapan secara matang dari mulai persiapan teknis peralatan serta persiapan kemampuan prajurit dengan melaksanakan latihan-latihan taktis berupa Prosedur penembakan Rudal dan Torpedo, prosedur pengoperasian Fire Control sistem yang terdapat di KRI Nanggala-402, KRI Clurit-641 dan KRI Kujang-642 serta melaksanakan Tactical Floor Game (TFG) dalam rangka memantapkan rencana taktis yang telah disusun pada saat tahap persiapan.

Rudal C-705 serta Torpedo SUT merupakan senjata strategis yang saat ini dimiliki oleh TNI Angkatan Laut, dimana Rudal C-705 memiliki kemampuan menghancurkan sasaran kapal permukaan dan sasaran di daratan.  Sementara Torpedo SUT punya kemampuan untuk menghancurkan sasaran kapal permukaan maupun sasaran Kapal Selam. 

Hadir dalam ujicoba penembakan tersebut, para Pejabat TNI Angkatan Laut  diantaranya Kadislaikmatal, Kadisadal,  Kadissenlekal,  Irops Itjenal,  Danguspurlatim serta Danpuspenerbal.


PCG Receives 3 High Speed Boats from Japan

17 November 2017

Three high speed from Japan (photo : Update)

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) today, November 16 received the three of the ten high speed Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) donated by the Japanese government through Japan International Cooperation (JICA).

The donated RHIBs from Japan were showcased during the last day of the nine-day Rubber Boast Operation Training as part of the 15th Maritime Law Enforcement Exercise held at the PCG Headquarters also conducted today.

PCG said the RHIBs are part of the JPY 600 million Non-Project Grant Aid (NPGA) for the PCG from the Japanese government’s Economic and Social Development Program.

“This project is one of the four (4) other equipment granted to the PCG. Among others were a 14-person capacity 15-meter boat, two (2) 10-12 meter boat and a portable X-ray detector,” PCG added.

“The said NPGA is a result of President Duterte’s request to Ambassador Ishikawa during his courtesy call last July 2016 in the Philippines,” it added.


Angkatan Laut Bangun Pangkalan di Manokwari Selatan

17 November 2017

Momiwaren, Manokwari Selatan, Papua (image : GoogleMaps)

Ransiki, (Antara)-Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Laut (TNI-AL) akan membangun pangkalan di wilayah Kabupaten Manokwari Selatan, Papua Barat.

Wakil Bupati Manokwari Selatan Wempi Rengkung di Ransiki Manokwari Selatan, Selasa, mengatakan, sejak sah terbentuk menjadi daerah otonomi baru, pembangunan perangkat daerah dan vertikal gencar dilakukan di Manokwari Selatan.

Menurutnya, kahadiran TNI, Polri dan perangkat dari berbagai instansi pemerintahan yang lain diharapkan untuk mendukung keamanan dan upaya percepatan pembangunan daerah.

Terkait pembangunan pangkalan TNI-AL, lanjut Wempi, bulan lalu pihaknya telah menerima Liaison Officer (LO) atau perwira penghubung dari Lantamal XIV Sorong.

"Kita sudah bertemu dan berbicara panjang lebar. Rencananya, pangkalan akan dibangun di Momiwaren," kata Rengkung.

Perairan Manokwari Selatan, kata dia, akan menjadi salah satu wilayah pertahanan laut di Indonesia bagian timur. Pemerintah daerah siap mendukung rencana tersebut.

Mengawali program rencana tersebut, pemerintah daerah menfasilitasi gedung sebagai kantor LO di Oransbari. Dalam waktu dekat Komandan Lantamal XIV akan berkunjung ke daerah ini.

"Pada tahap awal ini, akan ada beberapa kapal pengintai yang ditempatkan di wilayah perairan kita. Juga ada 200 personil yang akan ditempatkan di sini," ujarnya lagi.

Dia menambahkan, selain menyiapkan lahan, pemerintah daerah juga siap mendukung dana operasional bagi.

"Rindam Kasuari sementara dibangun, SPN (Sekolah Polisi Negara) pun sedikit lagi dan sekarang angkatan laut masuk. Lengkap sudah, Manokwari Selatan siap berkembang," katanya lagi.


TNI AU Bangun Satuan Radar Baru di Sumba

17 November 2017

Satuan radar baru akan dibangun di Kahale, Sumba Barat Daya (photo : ThalesRaytheon)

Kupang, NTT (ANTARA News) - Komandan Pangkalan Udara TNI AU El Tari, Kolonel Penerbang Ronny I Moningka, mengatakan, TNI AU akan membangun satuan radar baru di Kahale, Kabupaten Sumba Barat Daya, Pulau Sumba, untuk mendukung pengamanan wilayah udara di NTT.

NTT merupakan provinsi paling selatan di Indonesia, yang berbatasan dengan Laut Timor, Samudera Hindia, dan Australia.

"Di Kahale sedang dibangun satuan radar baru, sudah ada lahan yang disiapkan pemerintah daerah setempat dan sudah dilakukan pemagaran," kata Moningka, di Kupang, Kamis.

Ia mengatakan, untuk saat ini satu-satunya satuan radar yang aktif beroperasi memantau wilayah udara di provinsi setempat yakni Satuan Radar 226 yang beroperasi Buraen, Kabupaten Kupang, Pulau Timor.

Namun, kata dia, satuan radar tersebut baru mengcover sebagian wilayah udara provinsi yang berbatasan langsung laut dan darat dengan negara Timor Timur dan batas laut dengan Australia itu.

"Radar di Buraen ini untuk menjaga ancaman yang masuk dari wilayah selatan, dan sudah diintegrasikan dengan radar Bandara El Tari dan bandara lainnya di NTT," katanya. 

Sementara itu, lanjut, radar baru yang ditempatkan di Sumba Barat Daya akan mampu meliputi semua wilayah udara NTT.

Moningka mengapesiasi dukungan pemerintah Kabupaten Sumba Barat Daya untuk penyelesaian masalah lahan pembangunan radar baru dan sekarang sudah dilakukan pemagaran untuk mengamankan aset tersebut.

"Kemungkinan dua tahun ke depan radar sudah ditempatkaan di daerah itu sehingga seluruh wilayah udara NTT nantinya akan terpantau semuanya oleh radar pertahanan udara TNI AU," katanya.

Ia menambahkan, kehadiran radar baru tersebut nantinya membuat pengawasan wilayah udara termasuk pemantauan aktivitas penerbangan yang menghubungkan 14 bandara aktif di NTT lebih maksimal.

"Sehingga peran TNI-AU untuk operasi militer perang maupun operasi militer selain perang juga akan lebih maksimal dalam menjaga keamanan udara," katanya.


Singapore Deploys LMV on Inaugural Regional Mission in Show of Platform’s Wider Capabilities

17 November 2017

Singapore's first-of-class Littoral Mission Vessel, RSS Independence. The vessel has been deployed to a regional activity for the first time (photo : Sing Mindef)

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has deployed its first-of-class Littoral Mission Vessel to Thailand, marking the platform’s debut in a regional multilateral exercise.

The 1,250-tonne warship, RSS Independence (15) will participate in the first Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) multilateral naval exercise (‘AMNEX’ 2017), which will take part on and around Sattahip Naval Base in the Gulf of Thailand from 13 to 22 November.

Independence , which was commissioned in May, is also scheduled to take part in an international fleet review on 19 November in Pattaya Bay as part of ASEAN’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

During its deployment in Thailand, the LMV will have the opportunity to demonstrate a number of concepts for the RSN, including the platform’s ability to be deployed away from its homeport for a relatively extended period of time, and its ability to interoperate with assets of regional navies.

The vessel will also have the opportunity to prove out pioneering concepts found on its integrated platform management system (IPMS), such as a remote health monitoring and support system, which has been designed to allow shore-based engineers troubleshoot contingencies from a distance while the vessel is at sea.

Independence is one of eight LMVs ordered from shipbuilder ST Marine in January 2013. The platform measures 80 m in length, 12 m in breadth, has a hull draught of 3 m, and a standard range of 3,500 n miles (6,482 km) at 15 kt.


16 November 2017

KRI Bima Suci Tiba di Jakarta

16 November 2017

Kedatangan KRI Bima Suci di Jakarta (photos : defence.pk)

KRI Dewa Ruci sambut KRI Bima Suci

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Kapal layar latih tiang tinggi KRI BIma Suci tiba di Jakarta disambut pendahulunya KRI Dewa Ruci di tenggara Pulau Damar, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta, Kamis pagi.

KRI Dewa Ruci yang dikomandani Letkol Laut (P) Rahadian Rahmadi, dan membawa 30 purnawirawan TNI Angkatan Laut, bertolak dari JICT II Tanjung Priok pada pukul 05.30 WIB menuju tenggara Pulau Damar, Kepulauan Seribu. 

Satu setengah jam berlalu, KRI Dewa Ruci pun tepat berhadapan dengan KRI BIma Suci. Kedua kapal layar latih tiang tinggi pun saling memberikan penghormatan parade lambung.

Usai prosesi penghormatan parade lambung, KRI Dewa Ruci pun bergerak memandu KRI BIma Suci menuju Dermaga JICT II, untuk menjalani proses sandar di dermaga tersebut. 

Tepat pukul 08.30 KRI Dewa Ruci sandar di dermaga dan disambut atraksi drum band siswa siswi SMP Hang Tuah 2. Berselang sekitar 30 menit kemudian KRI BIma Suci pun sandar di dermaga yang sama untuk menjalani upacara penyambutan oleh Menteri Pertahanan Ryamizard Ryacudu, dihadiri Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Laut Laksamana TNI Ade Sopandi dan sejumlah menteri Kabinet Indonesia Kerja.

Kedatangan kapal kelas layar latih Barque itu disambut atraksi sendratari bertajuk "BIma Suci" oleh Sanggar Tari Sasana Budaya. 

KRI BIma Suci dibuat di galangan kapal Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire, Vigo, Spanyol, selama 22 bulan. Kapal bernomor lambung 945 tersebut bertolak ke Indonesia pada 18 September 2017, menyinggahi 9 kota di 5 negara dengan jarak tempuh 11.170 NM.

Kapal yang memiliki panjang 111,20 meter itu dikomandani Letkol Laut (P) Widiyatmoko Baruno Aji dan membawa 171 personel termasuk seorang jurnalis Perum Kantor Berita Antara.

Kapal perangqa1 jenis layar latih KRI BIma Suci akan berada di Jakarta hingga 22 November untuk menggelar ?open ship? sebelum berlayar ke Sabang, untuk mengikuti ?Sail Sabang? dan bertolak menuju Surabaya. 


Northrop Grumman Awarded RAAF C-27J Sustainment Contract

16 November 2017

RAAF C-27 Spartan (photo : Aus DoD)

Northrop Grumman Australia has been awarded a performance-based contract to maintain the RAAF’s fleet of Leonardo/L-3 C-27J Spartan battlefield airlifters.

The contract is for an initial five year period, and will renew annully for up to 22 years under a “rolling wave” arrangement, should Northrop Grumman continue to meet performance targets.

Ten C-27Js are on order for the RAAF, with the type being introduced into service with 35 Squadron at RAAF Base Richmond, west of Sydney.

The award announcement comes some six months after the contract was awarded, and builds on Northrop Grumman’s growing transport aircraft maintenance work in Australia which also includes sustainment of the RAAF’s KC-30A MRTT at RAAF Amberley and Brisbane Airport, and the Canberra-based Boeing 737BBJ and Bombardier 604 SPA fleet.

“This program represents the strategic foundation for Northrop Grumman upon which we can build sovereign Australian capabilities to sustain and modernise the 5th Generation Air Force of the future,” Ian Irving, chief executive, Northrop Grumman Australia said in a statement.

“It allows us to deliver on our commitment to establish and grow a uniquely Australian defence capability while leveraging our world-class defence technologies and global infrastructure.”

Northrop Grumman has teamed with Leonardo, the C-27J’s original manufacturer, in order to “reduce primary risks to data access, design engineering support and supply chain management.”

Work on the C-27J will initially take place at RAAF Base Richmond, before moving to Amberley in the medium-term when 35 Squadron relocates there.

(Australian Aviation)

BHIC's Unit Bags RM19m Contract from Ministry of Defence

16 November 2017

RMN frigates KD Jebat dan KD Lekiu (photo : Chanjunshen sports)

Boustead Heavy Industries Corp Bhd’s (BHIC) wholly owned subsidiary BHIC Defence Techservices Sdn Bhd has secured a contract worth RM19.5 million from the Ministry of Defence Malaysia for the supply and delivery of communications for Squadron 23rd Frigate of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

In an exchange filing today, BHIC said the contract is for the period of two years and a formal contract between the government and the company will be signed at a later date.
“The contract will have no material effect on the earnings of the company for the financial year ending December 31, 2017 but it will contribute positively to the future earnings of BHIC group,” it said.

Marinir Lanjutkan Pengadaan 22 Tank Amfibi dan 22 APC Amfibi

16 November 2017

BT-3F APC amfibi beroda rantai yang diminati Korps Marinir (photo : weaponews)

Kasal: TNI-AL lanjutkan pengadaan Alutsista tempur Marinir

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Laut (Kasal) Laksamana TNI Ade Supandi, mengatakan, pihaknya akan melanjutkan pengadaan alat utama sistem senjata (Alutsista) pendukung kekuatan tenmpur Korps Marinir.

"Marinir akan melanjutkan pengadaan 27 unit Tank Amfibi, 22 Unit Ranpur Angkut Personel serta beberapa unit Ranratfib, Rantis, dan Ranratfib angkut artileri sekaligus menghapus sejumlah alutsista berusia tua," kata Kasal dalam amanatnya saat memimpin upacara Peringatan HUT Ke-72 Korps Marinir, di Bhumi Marinir Cilandak, Jakarta, Rabu.

Hal itu, kata Laksamana TNI Ade Supandi, sesuai dengan rencana pembangunan kekuatan Korps Marinir yang mengacu pada kebijakan program pembangunan TNI AL dalam rangka mencapai kekuatan pokok minimum (Minimum Essential Force/MEF).

Ade Supandi membacakan amanat dari atas tank amfibi yang dijadikan sebagai podium kehormatan dan sebagai kendaraan untuk inspeksi pasukan dalam upacara itu.

Ia menyebutkan, Marinir harus tetap membina kemampuan profesional dalam mengawal keutuhan NKRI. 

Kasal menilai HUT ke 72 ini merupakan momen tepat untuk terus memantapkan jati diri dan mengabdi pada bangsa dan negara. Sebab hal ini sesuai dengan tema HUT ke 72 yaitu Marinir Prajurit Pejuang dan Profesional.

"Sebagai prajurit Marinir dituntut profesional. Asah dan bina kemampuan serta pertajam naluri tempur. Sebab, hal ini penting untuk menyongsong setiap perubahan tantangan penugasan mendatang," kata mantan Kasum TNI ini.

Menurut dia, perlunya gelar kekuatan di wilayah NKRI serta modernisasi alutsista di bidang organisasi. Olekh karena itu, direncanakan pembentukan Pasmar 3 di Sorong, Pembentukan Yonmarhanlan di Pontianak, Tarakan dan Sorong.

Dalam kesempatan itu, Kasal beserta tamu undangan serta masyarakat umum menyaksikan berbagai atraksi kemampuan Korps Marinir dengan berbagai keahlian.

Beberapa aksi yang digelar adalah Demo Kombinasi Pencak Silat, Demo Senam Perahu Karet, Senam Balok, Rampak Beduk dan Demo Free Fall serta demo memukau lainnya.

Pada upacara puncak HUT ke-72 Korps Marinir itu juga hadir antara lain Menteri ESDM Ignasius Jonan, Wakil Menteri ESDM Arcandra Tahar,??Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Udara Marsekal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto, Komandan Korps Marinir Mayjen TNI Mar Bambang Suswantono, dan sejumlah mantan komandan Korps Marinir, serta sejumlah pejabat militer negara sahabat.

Upacara itu juga diwarnai dengan gelar pasukan dan defile alutsista Marinir, serta atraksi terjun payung prajurit Marinir.

 Kasal Laksamana TNIAde Supandi memberikan hadiah total senilai Rp150 juta kepada para penerjun payung prajurit Marinir yang tepat mendarat di atas tank amfibi yang telah disiapkan. Masing-masing prajurit yang berhasil mendarat di atas tank mendapat hadiah Rp10 juta.

15 November 2017

Australia Develop a New Submarine for Export : Pyne

15 November 2017

Australia's future submarine (photo : Navy Recognition)

Christopher Pyne reveals vision for export version of Australia’s Future Submarines

AUSTRALIA could export a brand new submarine in 20 or 30 years, Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne says.

Mr Pyne was asked at a major submarine conference in Adelaide on Tuesday morning whether it would be possible to sell submarines overseas now that Australia is embarking on the $50 billion Future Submarines project.

He replied that we would never sell the French-designed Shortfin Barracuda — we want to keep the best submarine in the region for ourselves.

However, he said, we could develop an “export version”, in the same way the French did, to both sustain the industry here and meet the needs of other nations.

Mr Pyne has previously talked up the possibility of Australia as an arms exporter, but the focus has been on simpler warships.

However, he said today the idea of exporting submarines was “something we can explore”.

“Strategically we want to have the regionally superior submarine — that means the submarine made for the Australian Navy will be a unique product. There won’t be one like it in the world,” he said.

“We don’t want any other country in our region to have the same level of capability.”

But, he said, it might be possible to have an Australian version then an export version.

“I have a very broad vision about shipbuilding and submarine building,” he said.

“I am certain we will become a export nation for shipbuilding and if we can become an export nation for submarines, that’s something we can explore.

“I do think there are possibilities for that and I don’t think we should be limited in our thinking.”

He said the timeline for such a project would be 20 to 30 years, so it doesn’t interfere with the Future Submarines.

Mr Pyne was speaking at the 4th Submarine Institute of Australia’s Submarine, Science, Technology and Engineering Conference 2017.

(Adelaide Now)

Singapore Commissions Two Littoral Mission Vessels (LMV)

15 November 2017

RSS Sovereignty (16) and RSS Unity (17) at its commissioning ceremony (photo : Jane's)

Singapore's Seaward Defence Strengthened with Commissioning of Two New Littoral Mission Vessels

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen officiated at the commissioning ceremony of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)'s Littoral Mission Vessels (LMVs) RSS Sovereignty and RSS Unity at RSS Singapura - Changi Naval Base today. The commissioning of RSS Sovereignty and RSS Unity marks a significant milestone in the RSN's continued transformation to strengthen its capabilities, as the two LMVs join the rest of the Navy to safeguard Singapore's waters, protect its sea lines of communication and contribute to regional peace and security.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr Ng highlighted the need to adapt and prepare for future challenges as the range of threats and spectrum of missions have expanded. He said, "Today, the RSN already contributes to regional and global security efforts… Going forward, the demands on our RSN will increase. Part of this reflects both the rising trade as well as the military build-up of regional navies in our surrounding waters." Dr Ng added that the LMVs are future-ready ships built to respond to these different mission requirements and fulfil the RSN's role in keeping Singapore's sea lines of communication secure and accessible for the nation's economic growth and prosperity. He added,

"The LMVs represent a quantum jump compared to its predecessor, the Fearless-class patrol vessels. Whether it is speed, endurance, anti-air or Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) capabilities, the LMVs outperform by leaps and bounds the Patrol Vessels that were built in the 1990s… With today's commissioning, RSS Sovereignty and RSS Unity will join RSS Independence to expand the range and effectiveness in missions."

Jointly developed by the RSN and the Defence Science and Technology Agency, the Independence-class LMVs are equipped with smarter technology and sharper capabilities to enable the RSN to operate more efficiently and effectively. The network-centric ships possess advanced radars and sensors, as well as a 360 degree out-of-window view and improved sense-making systems to enhance situational awareness and accelerate decision-making. The LMVs also have lethal and non-lethal options to deliver calibrated responses to deter and defend against various threats. Their mission modularity further allows the ships to be configured for a wide spectrum of operations.

RSS Sovereignty and RSS Unity are the second and third ships out of eight LMVs that will replace the ageing Fearless-class Patrol Vessels which have been in service for more than 20 years. The first-of-class LMV RSS Independence was commissioned on 5 May 2017 and the remaining five LMVs are expected to be operational by 2020.

Also present at the ceremony were Senior Minister of State for Defence Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, and senior officials from the Ministry of Defence and the Singapore Armed Forces.

(Sing Mindef)

Uji Coba Rudal C-705 Akan Dilakukan Lagi 17 November

15 November 2017

Kapal Cepat Rudal KRI Clurit 641 (photo : poskota)

Pangarmabar Tinjau Kesiapan Satgas Uji Coba Penembakan Rudal C 705

Jakarta -- Panglima Komando Armada RI Kawasan Barat (Pangarmabar) Laksamana Muda TNI Aan Kurnia, S.Sos., meninjau kesiapan Satgas Uji Coba Penembakan Rudal C 705. Dalam peninjauan tersebut, Pangarmabar memberikan pengarahan kepada Komandan beserta Prajurit KRI Kujang-642 dan KRI Curit-641 yang tergabung dalam Satgas Uji Coba Penembakan Rudal C 705 dan Terpedo SUT bertempat di geladak buritan KRI Kujang yang sedang sandar di dermaga semenanjung timur PT PAL Surabaya. Selasa (14/11). 

Dalam rangkaian kegiatan tersebut, Pangarmabar Laksamana Muda TNI Aan Kurnia, S.Sos melakukan pengecekan kesiapan teknis KRI maupun prajurit pengawak yang akan melaksanakan uji coba penembakan Rudal C 705. Rencana penembakan tersebut akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 17 November 2017 di Perairan Utara Laut Bali.

Dalam pengarahannya, Pangarmabar Laksamana Muda TNI Aan Kurnia, S.Sos., memberikan pesan dan motivasi kepada seluruh prajurit yang terlibat agar memiliki keyakinan dan kepercayaan diri dalam melaksanakan uji coba penembakan tersebut sehingga tugas yang diemban dapat terlaksana dengan optimal. Dimana untuk mencapai keberhasilan tugas, dibutuhkan kerja keras melalui proses latihan yang dilaksanakan dengan sungguh-sungguh.

Selanjutnya, Pangarmabar memerintahkan kepada seluruh prajurit sebelum memulai kegiatan untuk senantiasa berdoa kepada Tuhan YME, agar diberikan kelancaran, kemudahan, keselamatan serta keberhasilan dalam melaksanakan kegiatan uji coba penembakan. 

Turut hadir dalam kegiatan tersebut, Asops Pangarmabar, Aslog Pangarmabar, Kadiskomlekarmabar serta Dansatkatarmabar selaku Dansatgas Uji Coba Penembakan Rudal C 705 dan Terpedo SUT.


14 November 2017

Rudal Starstreak Akan Diuji di Dumai Tahun 2018

14 November 2017

Kedatangan rudal Starstreak di Dumai (photos : TribunNews)

TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM,DUMAI- Prajurit Den Arhanud Rudal 004 Dumai berencana menguji unit alutsista baru dari Kementrian Pertahanan RI.

Mereka bakal menjajal kemampuan rudal Starstreak pada 2018 mendatang.

Mereka siap menguji kemampuan Starstreak Multi Mission System (MMS) dan Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML).

"Target pada tahun 2018, kita bisa menembakkan rudal dari Dumai. Apalagi sudah ada rencana program latihan pertahanan tempur di Dumai," ujar Dan Den Arhanud Rudal 004/Dumai, Mayor (arh) Joko Sukoyo usai menerima alutsista baru di Markas Den Arhanud Rudal, Sabtu (11/11/2017) kemarin.

Menurut Joko, mereka bakal melakukan uji rudal mutakhir ini di pinggiran Kota Dumai yang menghadap laut.

Mereka melakukan uji rudal MMS dan LML di kawasan Basilam Baru, Kecamatan Sungai Sembilan, Kota Dumai.

Pihaknya bakal menggunakan lahan seluas dua hingga lima hektar.

Ia berharap pihak pemerintah daerah bisa mendukung program ini.

Joko menilai Dumai bisa menjadi lokasi latihan bagi 12 unit rudal Starstreak ini.

"Sebagai lokasi satuan tempur pertahanan, tentu kami butuh lokasi latihan," terangnya.

Penyerahan Starstreak MMS dan LML masuk rencana strategis 2017.

Rudal mutakhir dari Inggris ini menggantikan pensiunnya Rudal Rapier selama ini.

Pihak TNI AD juga sudah menyiapkan sumber daya untuk mengoperasikan alutsista ini.
Prajurit itu menjalani latihan di Inggris.

Mereka juga menyiapkan tenaga untuk menjadi teknisi MMS dan LML, serta maintenance radar.

"Nantinya akan ada penataran terpusat selama satu bulan bagi seluruh prajurit Arhanud di Dumai," ujar Joko.

CETC Scans for Asia Pacific Radar Opportunities

14 November 2017

SLC-7 anti stealth radar (photo : Defence&Security)

China’s leading electronics and radar systems developer China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) is eyeing opportunities to expand its regional customer base with its range of long-range air surveillance, counter-stealth, and weapon locating radars.

The company’s latest radar systems include the S-band phased array SLC-2E weapon locating radar (WLR), which is designed to support counter-battery missions against hostile artillery and rockets, as well as airborne threats with its air defence function.

SLC-2E weapon locating radar (photo : SittA)

For long range air surveillance, the company has developed the SLC-7 radar wthich operates in the IEEE L-band range of 1-2 GHz. The radar is claimed to be capable of detecting stealthy aircraft or unmanned aerial systems at distances of over 450 km with a high degree of success. It can also be used to track ballistic missiles.

Meanwhile, its new YLC-8B 3D surveillance radar operates in the ultra-high frequency range of 300 Mhz-1 GHz to detect and track aircraft that are over 500km away as well as missile threats out to ranges of over 700km.

YLC-8D long range air surveillance radar (photo : China News)

CETC highlighted that these radar systems have been designed to be mobile and can be readily deployed with minimal set up and teardown times. The company is the primary supplier of advanced radar systems to the People’s Liberation Army.

(Defense&Security Daily News)